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Welcome to the counseling site. It has been designed to help students enroll for the ACT, apply for college and scholarships and help students plan for their future.

Hello my name is Mark Dodge and I am the new school counselor here at Grace Jr./Sr. High School. I have been in education for 5 years now being a teacher for the first 4 years. I have a Bachelor’s degree in History Education and am currently working on my Master’s degree in School Counseling. I am the current Head Wrestling Coach here at Grace as well. I enjoy athletics, outdoors, and my family. I am a 2X Cancer Survivor and am in my School’s Hall of Fame 2X’s! I love seeing students achieve the unthinkable with a little bit of extra effort given.

Looking for more financial aid? Check out SEICAA’s energy assistance program along with others  at

Local Scholarships

Signing up for the ACT? School Code: 130-240
Login info for CIS — Username: & Password: For the site login information please contact Mrs. Deanne McGregor or Mr. Mark Dodge.
CIS Website 

NCAA College Bound Students-Athletes

Harris Injury Scholarship




Here is what I recommend for students
to have a more promising future:

Finish high school and know how many credits you need to graduate.
Take advantage of dual enrollment. This can save students a ton of money! Some classes taken in high school can save students hundreds of dollars and a lot of time in college.
Practice and take the ACT test. Even if you don’t plan on going to college. There are Online elective high school classes that can help you prepare to get a better ACT test score, and earn credits toward graduation.
Choose a direction that you want to go, by using tools like Career Information Systems (CIS) or Utah Futures. A lot of money and research was put into these two websites to help give students direction. This will help you learn about the world of work, and a lot about yourself and what your strengths are.
Knowing a little bit about yourself will be a great advantage, when you are applying for college, vocational schools, or applying for jobs. It is extremely important to know the application deadlines of the schools or jobs that you are applying for.
When applying for scholarships, start by contacting the schools that you are most interested in. Most of the scholarships that are awarded are through the schools that students are applying for. If you are an athlete be aware that there are required credits you will need if you are going to be offered an athletic scholarship.
Financial aid is often a great source for students to get help. Remember to have your parents get their taxes done early in the calender year. Most of the financial aid money is awarded on a first come-first serve basis. This will greatly enhance a student’s chances to get money for school in the forms of grants (money that you don’t have to pay back), loans (some with no interest until graduation), and work study (a chance to work on campus while attending school).


Last Updated 3-14-2016