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Junior High

Written by Brooklyn Rigby
Grace Junior High Reporter

Glow in the Dark Dodge Ball

On January 27th we had an MIA party.  There were donuts and drinks served.  We played several games and sometimes it got intense.  All the teams got different colors. Seventh grade girls got blue and seventh boys got yellow.  Then, the eighth grade girls got red and the boys got green. This is how the game was played.  All the teams had different colors, so you hit the right person and not your own teammate.  There was also a line of glow sticks that told you were you could go to throw it at the other team.  But, if you crossed, you were out. It was kind of set up as a tournament. Everybody played every other team.  The overall winner was the eighth grade boys’ team.  They won an extra donut when the games were over.  We would like to thank all the parents that came in, they were a great help.  It was a blast.



At lunch Mr. Brady comes and ref/is in charge of our games.  Right now, we are playing dodge ball.  It is the last games until the championship game.  A lot of people like Intramurals because it teaches people how to work as a team.  Even if some of the teams are better than others, the lower (not as good) teams are guaranteed at least two games.  Everybody gets a chance to play on a team.  There is only a deadline keeping you from participating.  There is always a certain amount of boys and certain amount of girls you can have on a team.  It is a lot of fun, and we all enjoy either watching or participating in Intramural games.  We are very grateful to Mr. Brady for putting up with us.


Valentine’s Dance

On February 11, the student council put together a dance for everyone.  This was not a MIA party, so everyone could go. For the first half hour, Mrs. Andrea Holyoak came in and taught us a bunch of dance moves at different difficulty levels.  Some of the harder ones included the Death Drop and some dips.  Then, the actual dance began.  It wasn’t just your regular alternate boy/girl choice dance.  We had a whole bunch of different activity dances.  There was a Kisses dance.  It is not what it sounds like; they were Hershey kisses.  There were boys’ names on the silver ones and girls’ names on the pink ones. There were different dances for the different genders to pick a name to dance with. Then there was the Conversation Dance,  It was just a regular girls’ choice with a twist.  The boy they chose went and grabbed a conversation slip that stated what they were supposed to talk about.  It was very funny what some of them got.  Next, there was a Wall of Hearts. All of the students’ names were written on hearts and then they were passed around. People supposed to write something nice about the person whose name was on the heart.  The hearts were then hung above the refreshment table.  For refreshments, we served an assortment of cookies and punch.  We all had a good time.


Career’s Field Trip

On February 18th, Mr. Williamson’s 4th hour careers class went on a field trip.  It was a STEM field trip up at ISU.  They left around eight and arrived about 9:15. On the days leading up to the trip they built bridges and catapults.  For the catapult competition, they were supposed to build a machine that would launch a tennis ball exactly 30 feet. Most of their tries were close but none of them right on.  For the bridge competition they were supposed to build a bridge to hold as much weight as possible.  Some of the students said that if they would have had more time to build their bridges it would have turned out better.  But, they competed anyway.  Sydney Partain placed in the top ten out of the whole competition.  The first place bridge was very strong.  Its weight ratio was 1,000:1! They visited other exhibits at ISU where they learned about 3D machinery, and 3D printers and images. Everyone participated in the Star Trek Simulator, too.  The Careers Class returned home around 2 o’clock.