State Placements:

Presentation Management Team: Brittany Brady, Cali Johnson, Oaklie Jensen, and Shelby Stoddard- 3rd place

PC Servicing & Troubleshooting: Austin Ruud- 10th place

Legal Office Procedures: Heather Mansfield- 10th place

Integrated Office Applications: Paige Johnson- 6th place

Human Resource Management:  Alyson Weaver- 1st place, Shelby Stoddard-6 thplace

Graphic Design Promotion: Meghan McCulloch- 1st place

Extemporaneous Speech: Brittany Brady- 1st place

Computer Modeling: AJ Anderson- 2nd place

Computer Animation Team: Team 1: Alex Lopez, Ethan Williamson, Mason Jensen, Michael Anderson- 5th place, Team 2: AJ Anderson, Braxton Jensen, Gable Holyoak, Steven Murdoch- 6th place

Advanced Word Processing: Hunter Anderson- 4th place

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures: Cali Johnson- 4th place

Administrative Support Team: Heather Mansfield, Kresta Stoddard, Kristina Tolman, Theo Wood- 1 st place

National Qualifiers:

Heather Mansfield, Kresta Stoddard, Kristina Tolman, Theo Wood: Administrative Support Team

Alyson Weaver: Human Resource Management

Brittany Brady: Extemporaneous Speech

AJ Anderson: Computer Modeling

Hunter Anderson: Advanced Word Processing

Cali Johnson: Advanced Office Systems and Applications

Meghan McCulloch: Graphic Design Promotion

This year’s officers are:
  • Co-Presidents- Alyson Weaver and Shelby Stoddard

  • Vice-President- Oaklie Jensen

  • Scretary- Katie Hulse

  • Treasurer- Theo Wood

  • Historian- Ethan Williamson

  • Parliamentarian- Heather Mansfield

  • Activities Coordinator- Amanda McCurdy

  • Assistant Activities Coordinator- Kresta Stoddard

  • Webmaster- Steven Murdoch

For Officers, the summer meeting will be July 12th from 9:00am to 3:00pm.