Glow in the Dark Dodge Ball

On January 27th we had an MIA party.  There were donuts and drinks served.  We played several games and sometimes it got intense.  All the teams got different colors. Seventh grade girls got blue and seventh boys got yellow.  Then, the eighth grade girls got red and the boys got green. This is how the game was played.  All the teams had different colors, so you hit the right person and not your own teammate.  There was also a line of glow sticks that told you were you could go to throw it at the other team.  But, if you crossed, you were out. It was kind of set up as a tournament. Everybody played every other team.  The overall winner was the eighth grade boys’ team.  They won an extra donut when the games were over.  We would like to thank all the parents that came in, they were a great help.  It was a blast.