Valentine’s Dance

On February 11, the student council put together a dance for everyone.  This was not a MIA party, so everyone could go. For the first half hour, Mrs. Andrea Holyoak came in and taught us a bunch of dance moves at different difficulty levels.  Some of the harder ones included the Death Drop and some dips.  Then, the actual dance began.  It wasn’t just your regular alternate boy/girl choice dance.  We had a whole bunch of different activity dances.  There was a Kisses dance.  It is not what it sounds like; they were Hershey kisses.  There were boys’ names on the silver ones and girls’ names on the pink ones. There were different dances for the different genders to pick a name to dance with. Then there was the Conversation Dance,  It was just a regular girls’ choice with a twist.  The boy they chose went and grabbed a conversation slip that stated what they were supposed to talk about.  It was very funny what some of them got.  Next, there was a Wall of Hearts. All of the students’ names were written on hearts and then they were passed around. People supposed to write something nice about the person whose name was on the heart.  The hearts were then hung above the refreshment table.  For refreshments, we served an assortment of cookies and punch.  We all had a good time.